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With his back to us, Punkin
Down from Punkin is Peanuts
To the left of Peanuts, with that "why you lookin' at us?" look is Misty.
Behind Misty, is the court jester, Shadow.

Peanuts finally left us in 2002 as age had crept up on him. At the age of more than 18 years, he passed in Bill's arms at the vets office.

4cats1.jpg (23120 bytes)
shad.jpg (14027 bytes) Shadow checking out the accommodations.
He loves to give wet kitty kisses, and is nicknamed "Blue-eyed carpet-colored booger-baby"
Misty, Peanuts, and Punkin.

"Maybe, just maybe, if I'm sneaky, they won't see me take their papers. I'm SURE they can't see me! I just can't seem to...."
"Rats! I've been caught!"

Hey, Barbara, have you seen the kitty lately? I can't seem to find him.....
Anyone still wonder about his nickname?
"You mean, I'm not supposed to be up here??"

"Would you mind closing the door as you LEAVE?"
Ready for PlayKitty magazine

Not to be outdone by a child
Barbara has a great collection of calicos......

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