Javelin Engine assembly photos

Here are some shots of the engine reassembly process, cleaned and repaired parts, etc.

Engine stats:

390 bored .040 over
KB 28cc step dish "hyper" pistons, full floating pins.
Comp Cams double roller timing set.
Comp Cams 256XE cam with lift of 477 - intake, 484 - exhaust; duration of 212 - intake and 218 - exhaust.
Heads are casting number 3212993-1 (from a 71 360 or 401, perhaps?)
Internals have been balanced (the pistons are much lighter than stock, this was not just a good idea, but a necessity!)
After checking all journals with a mic, I used plastigauge to check bearing clearances. All (rods and main) are running at .002". This should give good oil flow but still be "tight" enough.
Torque specs for mains are 95 - 105 pound/feet, I used 100. Rods are 35-40, I used 37.
Head bolt torque used was 110 pound/feet, rockers tightened to 35
Heads were machined for positive valve seals - no more umbrellas. Guides were machined down (shorter) for clearance for the new cam. All new valves and exhaust seats were installed as well as new springs from Comp Cams.

Click photos below for a larger view

After sandblasting, priming and painting, the left side of engine bay. Click here for a before photo. After sandblasting, priming and painting, the right side of engine bay. Click here for a before photo. After sandblasting, priming and painting, the battery tray area. After sandblasting, priming and painting.
Alternator after replacement front frame was cleaned and installed. Another view of the newly cleaned and rebuilt alternator. Replacement 58cc heads after rebuilding Another view of cleaned and rebuilt replacement heads.
These heads are 58cc to lower compression ratio Freshly honed, new sleeve in #2 (the one on the left here) Cleaned up and repainted power steering pump ready to go. KB hyper 28cc step-dish pistons (.040 over) Woo-hoo!
Bottom side, 3 pistons installed. Note that the numbers on the rod face you. Looking at the left side of the engine, you see the numbers on 1, 3 and 5 rods. The oil hole on the other side faces the other cylinders and cam area. Front and rear counter-weights were drilled for balancing due to much lighter pistons. You can see one of the holes on the rear of the crank. Holes! Hopefully there will be fire in those holes soon. Front side showing Comp Cams double-roller chain timing set. (resting on a Comp Cams 256xe Xtreme Energy cam)
block and heads together Comp Cams double-roller timing set Top end nearly complete. Need a couple more matching intake manifold bolts. Had a "hodge-podge" of bolts. Finished the front cover and oil pump tonight.
Hopefully a good pan will arrive soon and I can finish the bottom end.   Brackets and accessories get mounted. R4B mounted - bolts sealed to prevent oil seeping up past bolts, chrome washers under bolt heads.
Alternator mounted. I cleaned the mount brackets using electrolysis. Took only a couple of hours, smooth finish. Some electric going back in place - cleaned and new screws.  
Proper N12Y Champion plugs installed.   Yes, I got the oil senders switched around. Already fixed that.  
  And now, pics of the engine after it ran for about 30 minutes at 2,000 RPM. I tried to fill transmission when engine was running 2,000 rpm - resulted in a bit of a spray of fluid all over.  
  Click photos for a larger view.    

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