Javelin photos

New toy in the collection, here are some photos of a 1970 AMC Javelin SST I "acquired" in February, 2005.
Click the photos for a larger view. More pictures real soon I hope!

This car has:
Go Pack (which included: 390V8 engine; Power Disc Brakes; E70X14 RWL Tires; Twin Grip ("posi") Axle; Handling Package; Seven Blade Flex Fan; Heavy Duty Cooling; Fan Shroud; 140mph speedometer; 8000RPM Tachometer; Space Saver Spare; Ram Air Induction)
Rally pack gauges (dealer installed)
Torque links
Edelbrock R4B manifold (AMC part number aluminum intake)
Automatic transmission w/console
Tilt wheel
Power steering
Rear spoiler
Visibility group
Light group
Stereo tape player (8 track)-AM radio
Rally side stripes
Dealer accessory tissue dispenser
To see photos of engine rebuild progress, click here -> Javelin rebuild photos

Click photos for a larger/closer view

Original owner
warranty card
On trailer, tying down, then back to Iowa we go. In the driveway Interior view
note steering wheel
  Group 19 coil Left front corner view
Right front view Original invoice! Right rear corner view Cool - the light even works!
 AMC logo hoses Dash overlay came loose - it's hitting the glovebox door. Any suggestions? Right door - armrest and panel in pretty good shape.  
Inside trunk - left side.
Was the filler seen between trunk floor and fender original?
Inside trunk - right side. Original spare and canister, decal, etc. Spoiler mounting - looks factory, is even green paint on some fasteners. Rust along bottom edge as is typical. Original sticker. Note spoiler mounting nut - original green paint. Appears to be factory mounting.
Original door trim-tag. Shows body trim and interior codes. Original wheels? I believe so.
Trim rings and all......
2003 Jeep GC in the background. So what color WAS this carpet supposed to be??
Right rear interior view.   For crying out loud - the stuff we save! Found this in a junk drawer - from about 1973. A little well used......  
At a show in Des Moines. I took off the ding guards on the sides, left a bit of a mess on the door stripes. At show in Des Moines. Taking off the "ding guards" left some nasty adhesive residue and revealed some stripe damage under the gunk.    
  Click photos for a larger view.    

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